I offer the following services from Italian into English


Having your academic research in English allows you to reach a wider audience. I can translate your article/s from Italian to English, making your hard work accessible to the English-speaking world. Often authors are not native English speakers, and I can edit and polish your article to make it ready for publication.


Getting a drug from laboratory to market is a long and complex process, governed by stringent legislation and accompanied by plenty of paperwork! I can translate all types of regulatory documentation, adhering to all necessary templates and guidelines.


Sometimes travellers require health assistance while in Italy, or Italian residents decide to seek medical treatment overseas. I can translate your medical records from Italian into English to ensure safe treatment and continuity of care.

Some recent projects:

  • Translation of articles and patient literature for a psoriasis foundation
  • Translation of a book for children with psoriasis to help them deal with the disease
  • Translation of batch record reports for a major drugs company
  • Translation of articles and recipes for a major company producing gluten free foods and foods for specific nutritional needs
  • Translation of various materials on the substance palmitoylethanolamide for a pharmacology company
  • Revision of various articles for a research team in Bologna investigating degenerative central nervous system diseases and innovative treatment approaches
  • Revision of a patient booklet on the genetic disorder tuberous sclerosis complex

Why Work with Me?

  • 15 years of translation experience
  • Hands-on experience in the nursing field
  • A deep knowledge in all areas of nursing theory and terminology
  • First-hand experience living in Italy = a thorough understanding of the culture and language
  • Guaranteed accuracy and confidentiality

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