The rise of machine translation technologies often gives a skewed idea of the complexity of the translation process.
I offer quality medical translation services from Italian to English. But what does this require?

  • A thorough understanding of the Italian source language
  • A thorough understanding of the medical concepts and procedures described in the Italian source text.
    In cardiology, these might include
    • anatomy – the four-chambered “construction” of the heart
    • physiology – how the heart works, its electrical and mechanical activity
    • pathophysiology – the disease processes affecting the heart, such as ischaemia or arterial occlusion
    • diagnostic tests used to identify heart problems, such as the ECG and echocardiography
    • how these problems are treated, such as drug treatment or angiography
  • The ability to convey these concepts in English using the correct terminology and register
  • Constantly reading, studying and attending industry conferences to keep my knowledge up to date.

My rates begin at €0,21 per source word. So a two-page discharge summary (900 words) will cost around €200, while a 15-page journal article (5000 words) will cost around €1000. The cost of each individual translation depends on various factors, including subject matter complexity, formatting, file type and target audience, and these prices are intended as a guide only.

To find out how much your translation will cost, send me a copy of your document and I will provide a free, no-obligation quote within one working day. My rates cover all aspects of the translation process, including research, formatting, quality checks, and proofreading by a second professional translator.

Confidentiality is assured throughout.

When you choose me for your translation, you have the advantage of dealing directly with the professional translating your text, who can personally answer any questions or concerns, instead of with a large agency, which can often feel impersonal.

  • Minimum fee €75
  • Bank transfers and PayPal accepted
  • Italian VAT registered